White Grass Ski Area

West Virginia is full of beautiful mountain ski resorts, and White Grass Ski Touring Center is no exception. Located in the Cabin Mountain Range which is part of the High Alleghenies, White Grass claims an impressive view and an annual snow fall of approximately 160 inches. Originally named Weiss Knob Ski Area, this West Virginia jewel was renamed White Grass in 1979 and has been known as such ever since.

White Grass Trails and Slopes

The area is famous for many reasons, and is a favorite with local West Virginians and snow enthusiasts alike. There are 30 miles of trails, ranging in height from 3220 feet to 4436 feet. There is also 1200 vertical feet of cross country trails. These trails are used for both skiing and snowboarding, and there is also access to ice skating. There are also 25-30 kilometers of groomed trails to ski, and along these trails are situated over a dozen shelters where skiers can rest, enjoy the scenery, and warm up by the wood burning stoves.


Another bonus for skiers and snow boarders are the Telemark Glades. These are areas at the older edges of the forest which have been trimmed allowing for fast skiing. Along these edges of the forest are the old abandoned downhill ski areas. There are several of these trails, two of them being the Yitzhak Trail and the Endless Glade.


Off course there are classes for beginner skiers, snowboarders, and even skaters. The classes are reasonably priced and most importantly, there is never a need for reservations. This alone makes the resort and it’s classes extremely popular with not only the local population, but also with visitors who may not want to stay at the resort, but who only want to spend a few hours or even just an afternoon. There are rentals available for all age groups and in all sizes, and a program that allows children to trade in their old snow gear, or even upgrade when needed.


The ski resort boasts a back country specialty shop, where you are guaranteed to find exactly what you need to make your ski vacation perfect. If you are in the mood for a snack or even a meal, then the resort’s cafe offers an all natural menu to fill you up and keep you going. The cafe also has for sale two cookbooks featuring some of their most popular recipes.

When you are not out enjoying the slopes, you can often find videos or music being played, and occasionally even enjoy a concert. Staying overnight? Check out the local area lodging.

White Grass Ski Resort offers something for everyone, whether you are planning on staying at the resort for a few days or just a few hours, you are bound to find something for everyone to enjoy.

What’s in a Name?

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