Skiing Smart in West Virginia

If you live and ski in West Virginia, you’ve likely picked up a few tricks along the way to ski competency. If, however, you are new to the area or only in town for a few days, you may need some help getting acclimated. Below, we have a few tips for making the most of your West Virginia ski season.


Know the Allegheny Mountains

All four of West Virginia’s ski resorts are located in the Allegheny Mountains. This stretch of the Appalachian Mountain Range is rugged and steep, rising to almost 5,000 feet in some parts of the state. As a result, driving conditions can rapidly deteriorate in bad weather. If you’re skiing in West Virginia, check the weather forecast prior to leaving; if a storm is approaching, you may want to consider skipping the day.



Know the Resort’s Snowmaking Schedule

The Allegheny Mountains and West Virginia receive an average of 44 inches of snowfall each year. Though this is generous for the area, it means that most resorts have an advanced snowmaking infrastructure. If your local resort doesn’t make snow every day, talk to a staff member to see if they have a schedule; fresh powder can be scarce in this part of the country, and having insider knowledge can greatly improve your ski season.


Get the Most Bang for your Buck

West Virginia’s lift ticket rates are relatively low, making skiing slightly more affordable than in other parts of the country. A 1-day adult ticket at Canaan Valley is just $52—half the price of larger resorts out west. You can continue cutting these prices in two ways: purchasing season passes and buying your tickets online. Season passes allow skiers to get the most out of their investment, and most resorts offer significant discounts if you buy before reaching the ticket window.


Rent Smart

If you’re not an avid skier, you likely don’t have your own equipment. In most cases, you will need to rent gear. It is never difficult to save money on ski rentals, but there are several strategies for continuing the savings: bundle rentals with lessons and lift tickets, reserve in advance, and lease for the entire season.