2021 Snowfall Report

West Virginia has seen plenty of snowfall already this year, and the winter is not even over in the country. Though many of the storms that the state has received have been ice storms. They have received as much as two feet of snow in some of the biggest storms of the season. The mountains of the eastern half of West Virginia are expected to get the most snow, and they have already gotten the most snow already this year. Though the snow has been heavy, it is still perfect for skiers to enjoy and test their skills on the slopes.

February especially has brought most of the snow that West Virginia has seen this year on the slopes, which many skiers are experiencing for themselves. There are cold temperatures that are extreme throughout the entire country currently, which is aiding in creating the active weather pattern that is being showcased in the state. There is also minimal solar activity this year, which is causing the colder temperatures to exist throughout West Virginia and the rest of the country. The next arctic system will probably be here before anyone knows it, so prepare yourself as this month has been active especially.

West Virginia normally sees around 33 inches of snow every year, which is one of the reasons that it is such as perfect state with some of the best in the central Appalachian range. This year is on track to be much higher than average, however, especially with the snowfalls that have brought two feet of snow. Though the winter started out warmer than usual in December, the cold air seems to be here to stay for at least a little while too. That is trending a little bit colder than average as well when accounting for all of the cold air days that have been experienced thus far. Be sure to find the ski trail that meets your needs though, while the cold and snow are here in West Virginia.